my services – the basic information

I am a Registered Psychotherapist regulated by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Since 2003 I have been a Clinical Member in good standing of the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists.

I am currently working online, and seeing people in-person in my office in the Cobourg and Port Hope area, located  East of Toronto.

I offer individual therapy to adults, as well as clinical consultation to established therapists, and clinical supervision to new and qualifying therapists in the community.


my services – psychotherapy

I work with individuals experiencing a wide range of challenging experiences and situations including: depression, mood and anxiety issues including phobias and panic, obsessive thoughts and behaviors; personality disorders; the after-effects of trauma and PTSD; dissociative disorders; self-harming behaviors; unwanted substance, sex or gambling behaviors; relationship challenges including intimacy, sex and communication issues; general life stress and life transitions such as relationship or job dissatsifaction/dissolution, self-esteem struggles, difficulty with anger, eating disorders,  chronic pain and health issues, and the process of loss and grief.

As a therapist with a long history of working in the field of trauma treatment, I feel distinctly equipped to work with clients who are experiencing the after-effects of complex trauma including dissociative disorders, emotional dysregulation, intrusive symptoms such as flashbacks and nightmares, and avoidant strategies leading to phobias, obsessions and increased isolation, depression and anxiety.

In the last few years, providing therapy for front-line workers and clinicians in the field  has also become another evolving focus of my own psychotherapy practice.

therapy sessions

Therapy sessions are generally scheduled once a week or once every two weeks, and are usually 50 minutes long. The can be held online, on the phone, and depending on location, in person as well. The frequency and length of sessions is open for discussion and we can negotiate and renegotiate as your needs change and availability permits.  As with many aspects of therapy, we will discuss, agree upon, and revisit many aspects of our work together as therapy progresses and life changes unfold.


My fees are negotiated and set in collaboration with each new and existing client. There are a limited number of spaces set aside at a reduced rate. I value open, honest conversations about people’s financial needs as situations may change while you are engaged in therapy.

I accept referrals from employee assistance providers, health benefit providers, Medavie Blue Cross and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. If you are part of an employee assistance program, your coverage may reimburse you for my services as a Registered Psychotherapist. I can also provide psychological services under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist, which alternatively may be covered by insurance plans. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this in more detail.

Payment is due at each session and can be made by  e-transfer on the day of the session. I provide receipts for each payment.  I do require at least 48 hours notice for cancellation or appointment change. If less than 48 hours is provided I will do my best to fill the appointment time with another client, but if this is not possible the full fee will be charged.

how do I start?

To begin, you can contact me, and we can schedule an initial free 10-20 minute consultation. This is a chance for us to get a sense of one another, and an opportunity for you to ask questions and talk about what is bringing you to therapy. We will also ensure that my skills meet your needs and look at availability and fees. From there we may schedule a first appointment where we can meet and begin. Throughout the first few sessions I’ll invite you to tell me about yourself, your history and your story. This telling, retelling, editing, reflecting and exploring together is the heart of therapy and begins the process of change.



my services – clinical consultation  &  clinical supervision

I  offer clinical consultation to established therapists, and CRPO-approved clinical supervision to new and qualifying therapists who have completed their academic training and are required to work under supervision, accruing hours, skills and experience in their own independent therapy practice. Over 25 years of clinical experience as a psychodynamic interpersonal psychotherapist, with a focus on trauma therapy is my own foundation which was built on reliable, trusted, collaborative relationships in supervision and consultation. In clinical consultation and supervision I have a relational focus on the process, impact and dynamics unfolding between you and your clients throughout the therapeutic relationship.

The layering of self and other are inherent in our every interaction, none more so than within the intimate frame of therapy. In consultation you can  unpack, sort, reflect, and speak out loud, becoming more aware and engaged with your experience as a therapist. This is a benefit to you, and your clinical work. A place to sigh, shift, take in, and let out in a confidential, collaborative and supportive space. This process helps you return to your practice and clients with more clarity, foundation, curiosity, support and ease even in the face of not-knowing.

In clinical consultation we work together to have an ongoing open exploration of your therapy work within the context of yourself, exploring the impact your work  has on you and your clients, and the ways you are bringing yourself and your history to the therapeutic frame.  This supervisory relationship is an opportunity to share and reflect on your experience of ‘learning while doing’. Clinical supervision provides support as you grow your skills and learn who and how you want to evolve as a therapist. I am offering clinical supervision to those who are curious, open and interested in exploring what they are personally bringing to their clients, and the ways both they themselves and their clients are being impacted by the therapy work and therapeutic relationship. I offer consultation individually, and feel free to approach me as a small group of interested new therapists.  Longstanding, supportive and collaborative professional relationships can grow by sharing supervision, and these relationships reduce isolation and are integral to maintaining and sustaining a well-nourished practice of psychotherapy.

Extra time and care will be taken to assess fit and skill level with those interested in clinical supervision.  To begin, you can contact me, and we can schedule an initial free 10-20 minute consultation.